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We rescue and provide care for countless maltreated, neglected, abandoned, homeless cats and dogs. Your support is crucial in this endeavor. Whether you choose to foster, adopt, or donate, you can make a difference in helping us to save their lives.

We are Genesis Animal Welfare.

Genesis Animal Welfare is committed to rescuing cats and dogs and stop them enduring cruelty, starvation, and the threat of painful death.
As a non-profit organization, we facilitate connections between foster caregivers and potential adopters, ensuring each animal discovers a caring, forever home. While based in Ultimo, our efforts extend far and wide, reaching out to save animals in distress from diverse locations.

What we do

Each year, countless pets are abandoned, neglected and face euthanasia. These animals are in dire need of care and can face horrible painful deaths. We offer them a second chance at life.


Our volunteers tirelessly rescue cats and dogs from Ultimo and neighboring regions,responding to calls from members of the public, concerned owners and veterinarians.


We are immensely grateful for our dedicated foster caregivers, whose compassionate efforts save the lives of countless animals annually. If you’re interested in becoming a foster caregiver please contact us.


When you adopt, you save a loving animal by making them part of your family and open up shelter space for another animal who might desperately need it. Opening your heart to one of these animals is magic

Can you support us ?

If you’re unable to accommodate an animal, there are alternative ways you can assist. We constantly require food, transportation and veterinary care for our animals. The smallest gift of time can make the biggest difference for them.

Pet Guide

Read our pet help guide with information and resources for keeping your pet healthy and safe.

Frequently Asked

The animals we rescue deserve the best homes, they have already gone through a lot. We carefully evaluate every potential adopter and fosterer to ensure they are well prepared for their new arrival. It’s amazing to see their eyes come back to life instead of the fear they once had.

Our ultimate goal is to match you with a compatible pet, which is why we’ll conduct an extensive interview to understand your preferences. We do have requirements to consider which we will discuss with you in detail. You need to be happy with your selection and so does your pet.

To qualify as a foster caregiver, please ensure you meet the following criteria:

1. Possess a valid driver’s license.
2. Have the availability to dedicate time for training and hands-on attention to the foster animal.
3. Demonstrate previous experience with animals.
4. Provide sufficient space in your home, including a spare room for cat or kitten carers.
5. Be willing to foster medium to large dogs, cats, or even a litter of kittens.
6. Be prepared to commence fostering immediately, ready to welcome a foster animal into your home without delay.
7. Demonstrate patience and understanding, particularly when dealing with animals that may have behavioral or medical needs.
8. Have the ability to communicate effectively with the fostering organization and provide timely updates on the animal’s progress.
9. Commit to following the fostering organization’s guidelines and protocols regarding the care and well-being of the foster animal.
10. Be open to receiving guidance and support from the fostering organization, including attending training sessions or workshops as required.
11. Have a stable living situation and be willing to commit to fostering for a specified period, which may vary depending on the needs of the animal.

1. Dedication to Animal Well-being: Our commitment to the welfare of our rescue animals is paramount, driving us to ensure they are placed in loving, forever homes where they can thrive.

2. Funding Rescue Operations: Running a rescue entails a multitude of expenses, ranging from the basics like food and shelter to vital veterinary care. Each contribution aids in sustaining our efforts to rescue and care for animals in need.

3. Comprehensive Healthcare Coverage: The adoption fee includes a comprehensive range of essential veterinary services such as microchipping, worming, vaccinations, and desexing. This comprehensive healthcare package guarantees the well-being of our animals and provides peace of mind to adopters.

4. Sustained Care and Support: Beyond the adoption fee, we also cover the costs of flea and worm treatments, as well as vaccinations up to the date of adoption. This ensures that your new furry friend enters your home in optimal health, ready to forge lasting bonds with your family.

5. Promoting Responsible Adoption Practices: We firmly believe in responsible pet ownership, and charging an adoption fee serves as a commitment indicator. It ensures that potential adopters are dedicated to providing a loving and stable environment for their new companion, promoting positive and enduring relationships.

6. Empowering Adopters: In addition to providing a loving companion, we offer guidance and support to adopters, assisting them in creating a nurturing environment for their new pet and fostering a lifelong bond.

7. Educational Outreach: We are committed to educating the community about the importance of animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. Through outreach programs and educational initiatives, we strive to raise awareness and promote compassionate treatment of all animals.

8. Continuous Improvement: We are dedicated to continually improving our rescue operations and services. Your support and feedback enable us to adapt and grow, ensuring that we can make an even greater impact in the lives of animals in need.

What do adoption fees cover ?

The fee includes vital veterinary services such as microchipping, worming, vaccinations, and desexing, which can be considerably more expensive if obtained privately. We also cover the cost of flea/worm treatments and vaccinations up to the adoption date, ensuring your new pet is in good health and prepared to become part of your family. By implementing an adoption fee, we advocate for responsible pet ownership and guarantee that our animals are placed in caring, permanent homes, while also sustaining our ongoing rescue endeavors.

Success Stories

While our role involves a lot of hard times and heartbreak, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing it work out – to see an animal find a successful forever home. This is what makes it all worth it to us here at Mackay Pet Rescue Inc. Check out some of the Success Stories and keep the tissues nearby…

Pawsitive Reviews

Explore the testimonials from our incredible supporters who have shared their experiences with Genesis Animal Welfare. We’re eager to hear your thoughts as well! Leave a paw-some review and become part of our animal loving community.

Rob James
Rob James@robjames
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Great bunch of people, helped save my now best four legged friend Henry
Effy Carter
Effy Carter@effycarter
Read More
Lovely caring volunteers who help our local community when we need them most.
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I love my rescued kitty Mimi . She makes waking up a joy. Being alone until Mimi was a sad start to the day but now it brings me joy.
Jilly Smythe
Jilly Smythe@jilly smythe
Read More
Fabulous help to our fury friends and the community. I gave a stray rescued dog called Scruffy my heart and he gives me so much more. The people at Genesis Animal Welfare are the best.

Our rescue process

1. Rescue call

Calls come in from members of the public, vets, rescue centres and owners that animals are neglected, abandoned or on death row.

2. Rescue

Our Animal Co-ordinators are volunteers with extensive experience who have been trained to handle cautious and nervous animals.

3. Health Check

Our vet at Summer Hill Veterinary Hospital checks animals to make sure they don’t have fleas or worms and their vaccinations are up to date. Before adoption, animals will be de-sexed, microchipped and vaccinated.

4. Fostering

One of our Animal coordinators will call on fosterers to find a temporary home for the animal. Selecting the best available and most experienced for the breed and any special circumstances.

5. Adoption

Foster carers are invaluable in evaluating the new arrival. Temperament and any special traits are all observed so that we can match them up with their new perfect family.

6. Happily ever after starts here

Our support is always available to help give the adoptees a long and happy life. This is where our family of rescuers, vets and foster carers take great joy in seeing the new family (The Adopters) take over with the animals forever home.

Room for one more?

Our support won’t end when you adopt. Every animal in our care has been checked by a vet to ensure that they are suitable for adoption. And if your adopted pet has any problems within the first 3 weeks, you can see our vet for free.

Pets Available for Adoption

You are the real heroes by giving your love and care to the once forgotten animals who had previously only known pain and suffering.