Foster, adopt, or donate – and help us to keep saving their lives.

Rescue. Foster. Adopt

Every year we rescue hundreds of neglected, abandoned or stray cats and dogs. To do this, we need you. Foster, adopt, or donate – and help us to keep saving their lives.

We are Genesis Animal Welfare.

Genesis Animal Welfare is dedicated to rescuing cats and dogs facing cruelty, starvation and often painful death. As a non-profit entity, we facilitate connections between foster caregivers and prospective adopters, ensuring every animal finds a loving, permanent home. While headquartered in Ultimo, our reach extends beyond, reaching out to save animals in need from various locations.

What we do

Not every pet has a loving home. Every year, many are abandoned by their owners, neglected because of poor health, or placed on death row: these animals are in desperate need of care. We’re here to give them a chance at life.


Our Animal Co-ordinator rescues cats and dogs from Ultimo and the surrounding areas, receiving calls from owners and vets; read about the rescue process.


We’d be lost without our faithful foster carers, who save the lives of hundreds of animals every year. If you’d like to become a foster carer, read our guidelines.


Every animal deserves a loving home, and our adopters make this happen. Do you have room in your home and your heart for a four-legged member of the family?

There are many ways to support us.

If you don’t have space for an animal, you can help in other ways. We always need food and veterinary treatment for our animals, especially the ones who have been injured or neglected.

Pet Care Tips

Explore valuable insights, tips, and resources for responsible pet ownership. Join us in fostering strong bonds with your furry friends and promoting responsible pet care.

Frequently Asked

Our rescues deserve the best homes. So we carefully vet every adopter and fosterer to ensure they are ready for their new arrival. It’s not an easy process, but it is incredibly rewarding. Here we’ve listed some of our FAQs.

You can donate to pay for food and medical treatment, you can fundraise, or become a fosterer. Head over to our Support page
Our goal is a happy ending for the animal and you! We aim to match you with a suitable pet, so will interview you to find out what you’ll want, and we have a few requirements too. Check the guidelines on our Adoption page.

If you can offer a loving environment, we’d love to hear from you. Fosterers need suitable accommodation (including a secure home/yard), transportation, driving licence, and pet equipment. You can find our guidelines on the Support page.

At Genesis Animal welfare Inc (GAWI), we are committed to the well-being of our rescue animals and ensuring they find loving, forever homes. Charging an adoption fee is crucial to support our mission for several reasons:

  1. Covering Rescue Costs: Running a rescue involves various expenses, including food, shelter, and veterinary care. The adoption fee helps offset these costs and ensures we can continue to rescue and care for animals in need.

  2. Healthcare Expenses: Our adoption fee includes essential veterinary services such as microchipping, worming, vaccinations, and desexing. These services are often more costly when done privately. By adopting from us, you receive a pet that is already up-to-date on these crucial healthcare measures.

  3. Ongoing Care: GAWI also covers the cost of flea/worm treatments and vaccinations up to the date of adoption. This ensures that your new furry friend is in good health and ready to become a cherished member of your family.

  4. Responsible Adoption: We believe in responsible pet ownership, and charging an adoption fee helps ensure that potential adopters are committed to providing a loving and stable home for their new pet. It shows that adopting a pet is a significant decision and not something to be taken lightly.

  5. Supporting Our Mission: The adoption fee goes directly back into our rescue efforts, enabling us to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome more animals in need. By adopting from GAWI, you become part of our mission to save lives and make a difference in the animal community.

In essence, there is no such thing as a “free” kitten or puppy when you consider the costs of responsible pet ownership. Our adoption fee is a small investment that not only brings a loving companion into your life but also supports the vital work we do to save and care for animals.

There’s No Such Thing as a FREE Animal

The adoption fee we charge plays a crucial role in supporting our mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome animals in need. This fee covers essential veterinary services like microchipping, worming, vaccinations, and desexing, which can be much more costly when done privately. We include the cost of flea/worm treatments and vaccinations up to the date of adoption, ensuring your new pet is healthy and ready to join your family. By charging an adoption fee, we promote responsible pet ownership and ensure that our animals find loving, forever homes while enabling us to continue our rescue efforts.

Success Stories

While our role involves a lot of hard times and heartbreak, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing it work out – to see an animal find a successful forever home. This is what makes it all worth it to us here at Mackay Pet Rescue Inc. Check out some of the Success Stories and keep the tissues nearby…

Pawsitive Reviews

Discover what our amazing supporters have to say about their experiences with Genesis Animal Welfare. We’d love to hear your thoughts too! Leave a pawsome review and join our community of animal lovers. Your feedback helps us keep tails wagging and purrs going strong.

Rob James
Rob James@robjames
Read More
Great bunch of people, helped save my now best four legged friend Henry
Effy Carter
Effy Carter@effycarter
Read More
Lovely caring volunteers who help our local community when we need them most.
Read More
I love my rescued kitty Mimi . She makes waking up a joy. Being alone until Mimi was a sad start to the day but now it brings me joy.
Jilly Smythe
Jilly Smythe@jilly smythe
Read More
Fabulous help to our fury friends and the community. I gave a stray rescued dog called Scruffy my heart and he gives me so much more. The people at Genesis Animal Welfare are the best.

Our rescue process

1. Rescue call

Calls come in from vets, rescue centres and owners, and sometimes a tip comes from social media. Our rescue animals are abandoned, neglected, or on death row.

2. Rescue

Our Animal Co-ordinator is a volunteer who is trained to handle wary and nervous animals.

3. Health Check

Our vet at Summer Hill Veterinary Hospital checks animals to make sure they don’t have fleas or worms and their vaccinations are up to date. Before animals are ready for adopting, they will be de-sexed, microchipped and vaccinated.

4. Fostering

Our Animal Co-ordinator calls on fosterers to find a temporary home for the cat or dog, choosing someone with the best circumstances and experience.

5. Adoption

Fosterers help to profile the new arrival, so that we can match them up with just the right home.

6. A Happy Ending

With support from us and the fosterers, adopters welcome their new pet, giving them a long and happy life.

Room for one more?

Our support won’t end when you adopt. Every animal in our care has been checked by a vet to ensure that they are suitable for adoption. And if your adopted pet has any problems within the first 2 weeks, you can see our vet for free.

Pets Available for Adoption

We work hard to rescue animals from death row, but you’re doing the real work: offering a loving home for life. Here are some of the pets in need of homes right now.